Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

*Milford Sound 3.5.-4.5.12

Au noch Milford Sound hemmer einisch meh wonderschöns Wätter gha. Mer send guet 5h vo Queenstown bes Milford Sound gfahre.

On the way to Milford,  again we had beautfiul weather. We drove approx. 5hours from Queenstown to Milford Sound.

Mirror Lake

Chum chond mer usem ongheimleche Homer-Tunnel use, gseht mer wonderbar is Tal abe ond fahrt en sehr korvegi Stross rechtig Milford.
Do semmer s'erschtmol de fräche Keas, Gebirgspapageie begägnet. Die wartet det ufem Ussechtsponkt uf Touriste. Wenn mer usstiigt chömed die grad azhööbsle ond hoffed uf öbis zässe.
After we left the creepy Homer-Tunel we had a great view over the valley and drove a twisty road down to Milford.
Here we first met the cheeky Keas, mountain-parrots. They wait on the viewing-point for the tourists. So when you get off the car they hop to you and hope for some food.

Am zwöite Tag hemmer eini vo dene bekannte Cruise gmacht. Guet ipackt semmer am Morge uf das Cruise-Boot. Dos no rächt frösch gseh esch, eschs grad allne rächt gseh as mer gratis Tee ond Kaffe met Muffin becho hed ond de erschti Teil no em warme absetze hed chönne.

On the second day we went on one of these famous cruises. Because it was very chilly in the morning everyone was very glad to get some free coffe, tea and muffin and could stay inside in the warmth.

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