Samstag, 28. April 2012

Tongarino N.P., Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington 22.4.-27.4.12

Witer met eusere Tour esches dor de Tongarino National Park gange. Det befendet sech 3 Vulkän. Em Wenter esches es sehr beliebts Skigebiet( grad onderhalb vom Vulkan) ond em Sommer zom wandere. Mer send leider erscht nochem Mettag acho ond so ide rechtige Saison semmer au ned grad gseh..soo hemmer nor chorz e chli omelguegt ond send den witer gfahre. 

So näbebii: Dä National Park esch als Felmschauplatz vo "Mordor"( Herr der Ringe) gnötzt worde, dos sehr steinig esch.

Tawhai Falls
Next stop was the Tongarino National Park, which has 3 volcanoes. In the winter season it's a popular place for skiing and in the summer time great for hiking. Onfortunately, we arrived after noon and it wasn't quite the right we just looked around a bit and continued our drive.

By the way: This national park was the set for "Mordor" (Lord of the Rings) cause its really rocky.

Es "herbstelet"/ Autumn is calling

Lake Taupo (gröschti See vo Neuseeland/ biggest lake in New Zealand)

Huka Falls in Taupo

250'000 Liter Wasser  pro  Sekonde

250'000 litres of water  each second


Schlammpool/ Mud Pool
In Rotorua semmer in Wai O Tapu gseh, das esch en Geothermal Park wo mer Vulkankrater, Geysiire ond jenschte brodlende Seen gseh hend./ In Rotorua we went to Wai O Tapu, a geothermal park where we saw volcanoes, geysirs and boiling lakes.
De ganzi Park esch vernäblet ond "stenk" gruusig noch Schwefel/ The whole park is foggy and smells  like sulphur.

Gföörlech/ Dangerous



Notüürlech semmer au do no wiiter ufd Suechi noch "Herr der Ringe"-Felm Locations./ And of course we wanted to see some more "Lord of the Rings"-movie locations.

Lueged d'Bäum obe gnau a/ Check out the trees

Ond nor scho das gsed eifach wörkli genau us wie in Mittel Erde/ And this just looks like middle earth

Done esch die riisigi Stadt Minas Tirith bout worde. Leider nor en Teil defo ond de räst esch den per Animation in Felm ineprojeziert worde, die ganz Stadt esch den weder zerstört worde ond den hends no chorz d Borg vo Helms Klamm änebout ond nohcär weder abgresse/ This is where they built part of Minas Tirith, not the whole thing because it would have been too much, so the rest is animation. After that they built Helms Deep and after filming they destroyed it as well

So heds usgseh wo sie am Boue, bzw. felme gse send / This is how it looked like when they were building/ filming.

Ond so heds den im Felm usgseh / And this is how it is in the movies


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