Dienstag, 3. April 2012

°Whitsundays Segeltrip/ Sailingtrip 29.3.12°

Gester hemmer en Bootstour zo de berüehmte Whitsundays gmacht. Ufem Programm send gstande: Bushwalk zom Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach, BBQ a de Beach ond es wiitersmol Schnorchle em wonderschööne Great Barrier Reef./ Yesterday we went on a boattrip to the famous Whitsundays. The trip included a bushwalk to Hill Inlet, Whitehaven beach, a BBQ on the beach and snorkeling in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Am Morge früeh esches los gange em Hafe vo Airlie Beach. Mer hend de perfekti Tag dezue verwötscht. Mer send guet en Stond ufs Meer usegfahre bes mer zo de gröschte vo dene Isnle cho send, nämlech de Whitsunday Island. Meteme chliine Gommiboot hend eus den uf d'Insle öbere gfhare ond mer send euse Wäg dor Rägewald zom Lookout agange./ Early in the morning we left the harbour of Airlie beach. It was the perfect day! After an hour on the sea we arrived on the biggest of the Whitsundays island. We started our way up to the lookout trough the rainforest.

En "chliine" Bewohner vo de Insle

A "small" inhabitant from the island.

Bem Lookout acho, hemmer dä spektakuläri Usbleck gha:/ At the lookout we had this spectacular view:

Es wahrlechs Paradis!!! 

Truly a paradise!!!

 Zrogg ufem Boot semer zom 7,4 Kilometer entfärnte südleche Ändi vom Strand gfahre. Do hemer Ziit zom Entspanne ond Plantsche em kristallklare Wasser gha.

Back on the boat we drove to the far end of the beach. 7.4 kilometers away from the lookout. We had plenty of time to relax and have a dip into the cristallclear water.

 Wells em Norde vo Queensland velli gföhrlechi Qualle hed, hemmer mösse sone voll heisse "Stinger-Suit" a legge. Mer hend euse Fun debii gha, do jede gliich behendert usgseh hed.
Nocheme gmüetleche BBQ am Strand semer zom nöchste ond letschte Stop vo eusem Trip gfahre: Manta Bay.

Because there are a lot of dangerous stingers up here we had to wear a sexy "stinger-suit". Of course we had fun because everybody looked stupid.
After a delicous BBQ at the beach we went to the last stop of the day: Manta Bay.

A dere Bay semmer den es witersmol go schnorchle. Dasmol send d'Konditionde besser gseh ond meh hend d'farbevellfallt vom Riff sehr guet gseh./ A the bay we went snorkeling. This time the conditions were much better and we saw the whole colour spectrum of the Great Barrier Reef.